We update our FAQAS from time to time

Q: 1. When will I get admission notice after I have submitted application?


Answer: Admission notice depends on one University to another and can come out within one week or weeks after submitting documents. 


Q:2. How do I make payment for University application fees?


Answer: University Application fee is made through paypal or Bank transfer. (Safe reliable and trusted)


You can also pay your University application fees directly to the University.


Q:3. When do I pay Service fee?


Answer: Service fee is paid  in two installments. First installments before we begin processing your application and second installments after admission letter is out. 

The service fee we charge varies from country to country. Please contact a member of our staff for exact service fees.


Q:4. Is University Application fee refundable?


Answer: Application fee is non-refundable and Administrative fee, however in some cases applicant is entitled for another application if the first one has failed.


Q:5. Do I have to choose University?


Answer: No, We choose Best Universities for our Applicants and we do not provides names of Universities, only after first service fee installments is paid. 


Q: 6. Why charge deposit?


Answer: This is to ensure all our effort in applying for or securing you admission is not wasted. As they say “Time is money.”


Q. 7. When is the deadline to pay second installments DynastyLink service fee?


Answer: Seven days after we inform you that your acceptance letter is ready. If final payment is not made on or before before the deadline, a late fee will be added.



Q. 8. What happens if I delay payments unnecessarily ?


Answer: You are likely to loose your admission. And deposit made won't be refunded.


Q. 9. What do I need to know before I start my application?


Answer: You need to be fully ready financially. Ensure you clearly understand all fees due for payment and also have your money ready for the process.


Q. 10. Is getting scholarship free ?


Answer: NO. Scholarship is competitive. In some countries, we have guaranteed Scholarship offers for all students that apply through Dynastylink.


Q. 11. What if my course is not available?


Answer: You are advised to choose any closely related course if your first choice is unavailable



Q. 12. What else do I need to know when applying to study Abroad?


Answer:It is important you know that choosing to study Abroad is a whole new life-changing experience. You get to learn new cultures, traditions, new technological systems, new learning environment, make new friends, meet people from other countries,...etc so therefore you need to be prepared for this kind of life and also Please kindly ensure your parents and sponsors are fully aware of your interest in studying Abroad. Also, they should be financially prepared and be ready to take full responsibility for you.


Q. 13.  Why should I Trust Dynastylink Nigeria Limited?




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